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Our Elite Academies

Lash Inc Elite Academy offers a unique opportunity for educators to join the Lash Inc team and become an accredited Lash Inc Academy. Lash Inc provides accreditation for the Academy, certifications for students, free Lash Inc. verification, social media promotion, branding options, and the flexibility to use the Lash Inc. name or co-brand while offering their own courses. Academies can choose to handle their own certification system or have Lash Inc issue certificates on their behalf, making it a valuable partnership for both educators and aspiring lash artists.

Carla Giannotti

Based in: ITALY

Carla has been with Lash Inc for so long. She is currently handling Lash Inc Magazine as well.


As a core member of the esteemed Lash Inc. team, Carla's impact on the beauty industry is immeasurable.


Her expertise and passion have elevated her to guru status, making her a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

You can obtain the Lash Inc Educators Course and Lash Inc Accreditation at a 50% discount.

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Lash Savant

Veronica Grillo

Based in: ITALY

I'm Veronica but everyone calls me Cassi by my middle name and I'm the owner of Lash Savant.


After graduating as a Fashion Designer, I discovered a love for Eyelash Extensions. I have been constantly training for 5 years. I am a very curious person and I don't set limits for myself and my knowledge. I make exclusive and tailor-made eyelashes for each client. I don't copy and paste. This has allowed me to be the most requested Lash Architect in my area.


I do all styles, European and American with a very personal style.


I currently offer a 'private advanced basic course'. The course is suitable for those who want to become Lashmakers and for those who have already taken a course but lack information and do not feel confident yet. 

Base advance Class 4 days private 950€


You can obtain the Lash Inc Educators Course and Lash Inc Accreditation at a 50% discount.

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Veronica Grillo
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