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Our Elite Academies

Lash Inc Elite Academy offers a unique opportunity for educators to join the Lash Inc team and become an accredited Lash Inc Academy. Lash Inc provides accreditation for the Academy, certifications for students, free Lash Inc. verification, social media promotion, branding options, and the flexibility to use the Lash Inc. name or co-brand while offering their own courses. Academies can choose to handle their own certification system or have Lash Inc issue certificates on their behalf, making it a valuable partnership for both educators and aspiring lash artists.

A. Natascha Morgan

Based in: GERMANY

At American Lash Lounge; they strongly believe that beauty and health are closely intertwined.

Enhances well-being with relaxation and the assurance that they always transform eye appearance with the highest standards of hygiene and individuality.


You can obtain the Lash Inc Educators Course and Lash Inc Accreditation at a 50% discount.

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