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Lash Inc are the pioneers of Lash Specific Educator and Training Accreditation. We have been offering accreditation services since 2014.  The Lash Inc  Seal of Accreditation is a highly sought after seal of approval. 

Accreditation will show potential students your materials are of a set standard and that your qualifications have been verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and accreditation can help with this. 


Lash Inc Accreditation & Educator Training was founded to support to the lash industry by establishing a new set of standards to help ensure students gain an excellent standard of training so that the public are better protected.

We aim to bring together the lash community and improve the industry through knowledge and education delivered from the magazine contents, courses and accreditation. 


Training & accreditation is recognised in most countries and nationally throughout those countries by a variety of Insurance providers.  

Additionally in the  United Kingdom we can offer a specialist Insurance especially for Lash Artists at a discounted rate.


At Lash Inc we are here to serve our community of Lash Inc members through our professional publication
Lash Inc magazine and 
our Lash Inc Association  Lash Inc Accreditation,
Lash Inc CompetitionLash Inc Courses
Expert Lashers Website and our Lash Inc Social Media Community.


Team Lash Inc are a group of wonderful talented individuals from all over the world. It is made up of our company Shareholders, Editors, Admin team and regular contributors.  

Most of our Co-owners, Editors and Senior Journalists also run thriving Lash Brands or are Lash Educators. Their in-depth knowledge is a true asset to our group of magazines and association.

Our Team:

Founder & Director - Louise Tierney 
Accreditation Co-ordinator

Editor - Lash Inc International & Lash Inc Italia - Carla Giannotti
Accreditation Manager - Shahzor Jalbani


Loreta Jasilionyte Co-Owner Lash Inc and Director of Flawless Lashes by Loreta
Britta Kruegar Co-Owner Lash Inc and Director of Flirties 
Angelina Salacinski Co-owner Lash Inc and Director of Lash Factor
Gloria Ting - Co-Owner Lash Inc
Louise Tierney - Founder, Director & Shareholder
 Lash Inc.

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